Roswell Historical Society, Inc.


Preserving & Sharing the Heritage of Roswell, GA

Past Preservation Projects

These notable preservation projects have been completed by the Roswell Historical Society, in keeping with our purpose to "collect and/or preserve historical sites... and other antiquities... and to arouse in the citizens and friends of Roswell an interest in Roswell's history..."


Remains of Ivy/Laurel Woolen Mill


The Houze House

In 1989, the Society funded an archaeological dig to locate the foundations of the 1838 Ivy/Laurel Woolen Mill on the Chattahoochee River. The mill was destroyed by fire on orders from Union General W. T. Sherman in 1864.

In 1998, the Society received a donation of a circa 1870 farm house and found a buyer who would move the house from the property which was to be developed. The house was relocated to a site only one mile away and restored as a private residence, thereby saving one of the oldest farm houses in the Roswell area.



From 1984 to 1993 the Society cooperated in a three-way agreement with the City of Roswell and the National Park Service for the preservation and adaptive use of the pre-Civil War structure as headquarters for the Roswell Historical Society and a museum.  During this time the Society also operated the first Welcome Center for the city in the building.


2007 - present, Society volunteers documented every grave in Roswell's three historic cemeteries as participation in the City of Roswell's "Preserve America" grant requirements.